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Landmark Agreement for Future of Welsh Adrenalin Sport

Coasteering © Crown copyright (2011) Visit Wales

Coasteering © Crown copyright (2011) Visit Wales

A NEW agreement that allows the country’s fastest growing adventure sport to continue to attract visitors to Wales without diminishing the special qualities of the nation’s most iconic coastal sites, is to be introduced.

The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group’s Coasteering Concordat will help to ensure that the sport is enjoyed safely and responsibly across National Trust sites without compromising other people’s enjoyment of the Welsh coast, or the special qualities of each place.

Invented in Pembrokeshire to offer thrill seekers more ways to explore the Welsh coast, often when weather conditions make many traditional coastal sports impractical, coasteering has grown at a dramatic rate since it was first offered 20 years ago.

The new concordat means that each outdoor activity provider signs up to one agreement that provides a best practice guide to maintain conservation standards, and help introduce visitors to the flora and fauna as well as the thrills of the coast.

The concordat will replace the current system of site-specific licensing that we operate at some of the most popular coasteering venues in our care (Ceibwr, Abercastle and the Blue Lagoon at Abereiddi).  It will also provide informative guides to the sustainable use of other National Trust coasteering venues where access conflicts have not arisen to date, including Porth Clais and Stackpole Quay.

Andrew Tuddenham, National Trust Manager for North Pembrokeshire said, “We’re keen to ensure that high quality adventurous activity experiences are offered at the special places in our care, and to provide a simple process to help the outdoor activity sector use these venues sustainably and safely.

“It benefits no-one if these places are degraded by insensitive use. We hope that the Coasteering Concordat will make it easier for activity leaders to operate harmoniously with other users and local communities, and add value to their offer.”

The Coasteering Concordat will cover the following places:

Ceibwr Bay
Pwll Deri
Aberbach(Carreg Golchfa)
Abercastle Harbour
Porthgain Harbour
Abereiddy (Blue Lagoon)
Porthclais Harbour (east / west)
Caerfai Bay
Pointz Castle (Porthmynawyd)
Stackpole Quay
Llydstep Head

The agreement has been developed By the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group in partnership with the National Trust, Natural Resources Wales Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, harbour managers, community councils, and other key stakeholders and is funded by the Visit Wales Partnership for Growth Fund (P4G). P4G promotes joint working and collaborative projects to help grow the Wales tourism economy in a sustainable way.

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Paul Renfro, Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum Sustainable Recreation Coordinator, said, “This agreement is a great example of how the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group is proactively working with all stakeholder to ensure the sustainable use of Pembrokeshire’s natural environments for adventure and leisure activities.”

The Coasteering Concordat is modelled on Natural Resources Wales’ Waterfalls Area Activity Concordat with the South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group.

The concordat model for Pembrokeshire is being adopted to reflect the long history of coasteering in the county, and the existence of the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group.  It is not universally applicable to all National Trust places and all adventurous activities.

Members of the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group will have an opportunity to find out more about the project and get involved in the work at the full group autumn meeting on 15th October, hosted by Pembrokeshire Adventure Centre.




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